Welcome to the DPS Tapi Learning Partnership!

Welcome to Class IV A at Delhi Public School Tapi, Surat. We hope you will enjoy the new Academic Session.

This Class blog gives you a glimpse of daily life at DPS TAPI. Please ‘Follow’ this blog to get email updates of new posts.

Class Blog posts will intimate you about Contact Details, Timetable, Class Work and Homework.

To the Right, please access the DPS Tapi Website, Principal’s Blog, DPS Tapi Twitter and Facebook for all other school information.

Our dedicated DPST Team is committed to providing your child with a balanced, safe and nurturing academic and co-curricular learning environment with the most challenging learning opportunities to help your child develop the fullest potential.

Weight of school bag should not exceed 10% of a student’s body weight. To ensure this:

a)     NCERT textbooks should remain in the classroom

b)   For reference at home, the NCERT textbooks may be downloaded from http://ncert.nic.in/textbook/textbook.htm

c)   Carry only a single notebook for the subjects designated in the timetable.

d)    Labelled Art & Craft kits and books, Computer, Science & Maths kits should also be kept in school in the place designated by the Class Teacher.

e)     Do not carry items not required in the day’s timetable. 

d)    Skates in labelled (non-plastic) bags may be left in the classroom. 

e)     Do not carry large water bottles as there are sufficient water filter-coolers on each floor. 

f)   Keep your Work books in class.


With best wishes

Class Teacher


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